IPhone 8 vs. iPhone X vs. iPhone 7

Samsung S8 and S8

On the off chance that the production stays less amid the occasion time frame, the iPhone X purchasers will start to discover matching devices like the Galaxy Note 8.

It's nearly two months since the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 handset that seems to be doing quite well in the hands of first-time grabbers.

AP in October 2016 reported that the Galaxy Note 7, initially billed as Samsung's answer to the iPhone, was scrapped in less than two months.

"I wouldn't be commenting on any brand, but I would say that systematically in every segment of our phones, we are trying to create the demand, create the use case, create that experience rather than read it, "Oh! there is a segment here, let's launch a product from global portfolio" and just put it in India", said Asim Warsi, senior vice-president, mobile business, Samsung India, said in an interview. This device is also the best-selling Galaxy Note in the Note lineup so far, out-pre-selling all previous models. It is scheduled to be launched in India on Thursday, September 21. Inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with an Adreno 540 GPU.

The iPhone 8 and larger iPhone 8 Plus both include a number of improvements over their predecessors making them the best Apple smartphones to date. You can probably go in to a Best Buy or other Samsung-holding outlet (or carrier) and see the device in-person right about now.

Apple has also ditched the 128GB version with the only other model of the iPhone 8 featuring 256GB of in-built memory.

Meanwhile, if the iPhone X isn't your speed, know this: there's one whole heck of a lot of options at Apple now if you need an iPhone.

Full details of the battery cells included in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have yet to be released by Apple.

The iPhone 7, 6s, and SE have not been given any sort of update - they're the same devices they were before this most recent Apple Event. They all have the same processor and the same back-facing cameras.

Design is an obvious difference in the iPhone 8 vs. LG's phone also has a almost borderless 5.7-inch screen with a sharper resolution compared to Apple's smartphone (2,880 x 1,440 versus the iPhone X's 2,436 x 1,135 display).

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