Snapchat's Latest AR Update Lets Users Insert Animated 3D Bitmojis Into Snaps


Snapchat now has a feature that inserts your personalized Bitmoji into real-world scenes, augmented reality-style. It has been a week full of excitement for investors of the popular Snapchat app parent company, as Apple likewise held its highly anticipated iPhone X unveiling, where the tech titan revealed augmented reality collaborations at play with Snap behind-the-scenes.

The 3D Bitmoji animations are based directly on models you've already created using the Snapchat app. From there, 3D Bitmojis infiltrate the screen identified by an icon that represents each setting.

The lenses can be used to show the Bitmoji in a variety of playful situations, and can be interacted with in the same way as World Lenses - with the user able to scale, move or walk around the 3D version of their Bitmoji.

One more thing though, Snapchat has integrated the new animation into its recently launched multi-Snap feature that is available on iOS. As other messaging and social services seriously encroach on their users, the introduction of services like World Lens, animated 3D Bitmojis, along with the Friendmoji and Bitmoji Geofilters is sure to help users keep their Snap-Stories alive and active for much longer. In comparison, Snapchat is lagging behind with 173 million daily users for its entire app.

Instead of placing random objects that don't look like you in the world around you, you can now use World Lenses in Snapchat that allow you to put your AR Bitmoji anywhere. The animated avatar can do some skateboarding tricks, or some yoga in a location of your choice, while you capture the action. Previously, Bitmoji were just little cartoon "stickers", bearing your likeness, that you'd attach to Snaps or messages.

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