Shooter at Freeman High School identified by fellow students

Lockdown lifted at Washington school

Shortly after this, a school resource officer managed to take Sharpe into custody.

Law enforcement sources, however, said the weapons were actually semi-automatic.

The slain student was trying to convince the shooter, whose first gun had jammed, not to carry out the morning rampage when he was shot dead, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich told reporters.

Sharpe continued firing until that gun jammed, according to the documents, which say that after he ejected a live round, the suspect "accidentally fired another round which hit the floor nearby". The friend also said a school counselor had received at least one of the notes.

When he arrived at school, police said he went to the second floor and took the rifle from the duffle bag. She said her heart sunk when she learned of the shooting.

The suspect "transitioned to that pistol, and when one of the classmates that he knew came up to him and tried to talk him out of it", the suspect fatally shot him, the sheriff said. He then gave up on the rifle and pulled out the handgun.

"He was really amusing, and he likes to make lots of jokes", he said.

According to some teenagers who said they were friends with him, he had been watching documentaries about other school shootings and had passed around notes threatening to "do something stupid" that would get him killed.

Sometime between 10:30 a.m. and noon, at least one suspect went into the vehicle and stole a purse, which was hastily left behind by a anxious parent. He told investigators that he wanted to teach his classmates a lesson about bullying, and that he was not targeting Strahan specifically.

One student, 15-year-old classmate Sam Strahan, did not flee and approached Sharpe in an attempt to stop what was about to happen.

Knezovich credited Strahan with saving lives.

"We stand with the Freeman School District and their families". He claimed, according to the student, that his father would buy guns for him.

He also said he took the weapons from his father's safe at their home, the document says.

The teen that talked to KXLY-TV about the shooter also told the AP that the shooter had many friends and was not bullied, calling him "nice and amusing and weird" and a huge fan of the TV show "Breaking Bad". It was written over a week ago.

She says classes were in regards to start since it's a "poor start" day.

Sharpe is booked into juvenile detention on one count of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder.

"We consider that our front radar", said Sterk, the former Spokane County sheriff.

The injured students remain hospitalized, while the teenage suspect is due to appear in court tomorrow.

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