Rare white giraffes discovered in Kenya

Rare white giraffes discovered in Kenya

White giraffes are spotted here next to "normal" giraffes.Photo:Twitter/Ggreenpeaceafric. "They were so close and extremely calm and seemed not disturbed by our presence", they write in a blog post on the HCP website.

The mother and baby were caught on film by rangers for the Hirola Conservation Program (HCP), as they calmly stroll along-even pausing to look at the camera.

The giraffes were seen walking near the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy in May.

Two rare white giraffes - a mother and a baby - were filmed in early August in Kenya after being spotted repeatedly since June in the Garissa County area. They suffer from a skin condition called Leucism, which causes a partial lack of pigmentation and strips their skins of its original colour. Different than albinism, the genetic condition occurs due to reduced levels of different pigments in skin cells.

The very first reports of a white giraffe in the wild were back in January 2016 in Tarangire National park, Tanzania.

White Giraffe Kenya leucism

Conservation Rangers were left stunned after the discovery of an extremely rare white giraffe and her calf.

Unlike albinism in human beings, this condition allows the affected animals to continue producing dark pigment in their soft tissues, which explains why they have dark eyes.

According to HCP, other than the video, only two known sightings have been made in Kenya and Tanzania. "I remember when I was a kid, we never saw them", a community ranger reportedly told the conservationists.

In 2016, the body that maintains the world's endangered species list, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, attributed the species under "Vulnerable" status in its Red List of Threatened Species.

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