PRSU Language Department celebrates Hindi Diwas with great enthusiasm

Hindi Diwas being celebrated today

Speaking at a function in Bhopal on the occasion of Hindi Diwas 2017 today, the chief minister said, "Am not against English". While giving his example Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that even after studying in Hindi medium, he had been the state chief minister for twelve years, the agency added. HoD Professor K L Verma highlighted the measures being taken by the central government for the promotion of Hindi and other Indian languages. "If they (Hindi speakers) will learn their languages, then non-Hindi speakers too will be interested in learning Hindi", Kovind said. "Since Hindi is the official language, it is our constitutional liability to ensure that Hindi is used a primary language for official work", he said.

"People are increasingly learning Hindi overseas". Hindi Diwas is a day to mark the importance of widely spoken Hindi language of India. He also said that Hindi was the unifying language for the country and had helped bring people of different regions together during India's freedom struggle. Hindi, which is the official (not national) language of India was given this status on September 14, 1949.

Hindi Diwas is an annual day that observed every year on 14th September. The children were made aware that Hindi plays a significant role in connecting the citizens of our country.

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