New polymer £10 note designed by De La Rue enters circulation

New tenner Today those eager to get their hands on the notes can get them from 32 locations across the country

While it will be in circulation from Thursday, the old £10 won't disappear until Spring 2018.

New ten pound polymer bank notes have started entering circulation. While the new Indian currency still has the face of the father of our nation- Mahatma Gandhi, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is now not the only woman to feature on the legal currency in England and Wales.

Jane Austen is famous for work printed on paper, but the author's face now adorns plastic as the United Kingdom launches a replacement for its £10 paper banknote.

The Bank of England has persevered with polymer notes despite complaints from religious and vegan groups over the animal fat tallow used in the production process.

Below the see-through window is a silver foil patch.

It has a security hologram of the word "ten", which changes to "pounds" when tilted.

On the side of the note with the Queen's head on, there is a "10" which appears in bright red and green when shone under UV light.

The note is slightly smaller than the paper one and is the first Bank of England banknote to feature raised dots in one corner - so that blind and partially-sighted users will be able to feel them.

Can I still spend my old paper notes?

Leaving the bank with five notes, Marcos Andre, 29, said that although he didn't pick up any low serial numbers, he would still try and flog them online.

First in the queue was Seamus O'Dwyn, from Surrey and he has already made more than £250 from selling the new plastic tenners.

What special features does the new note have?

A commemorative polymer five pound note to mark the turn of the millennium was the first polymer note in the United Kingdom, issued by Northern Bank of Northern Ireland in 2000.

One billion new notes have been printed and are set to be fed into circulation.

But that hasn't stopped collectors trying to get their hands on tender featuring the 19th century author Jane Austen's portrait.

Other examples to watch out for are serial numbers 16 121775 and 18 071817 - this is Jane Austen's date of birth and death respectively.

Also popular are likely to be notes that allude to the authors name and birth and death years; JA01, JA75, JA17.

Bonus demi-fact: A module on Jane Austen fiction was the most oversubscribed at my University English Literature course, just ahead of Children's Literature.

"The majority of members of the (Monetary Policy) Committee, myself included, see that that balancing act is beginning to shift, and that in order to. return inflation to that 2 percent target in a sustainable manner, there may need to be some adjustment of interest rates in the coming months", Carney said in a television interview. More than a quarter find themselves irritated by notes and coins.

The next banknote to get an update will be in 2020 when JMW Turner is added to the note along with his most famous painting.

There are no plans to replace the current paper 50-pound note, which was released in 2011.

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