Mitsubishi electric delivery trucks are headed to the US

Fuso eCanter

Daimler said at a news conference in New York on Thursday that UPS will deploy three of the trucks, while four other New York based non-profit organizations, such the Wildlife Conservation Society or New York Botanical Garden, will receive a total of eight electric trucks.

According to Executive Director Mark Llistosella FUSO, Daimler is ahead of the competition, so it eCanter will be the first mass electric truck. Small electric truck will reduce the traffic on the streets of NY city and make the air cleaner metropolis.

At the global launch, FUSO today also announced the company's first USA commercial partner for the eCanter: UPS will use the zero-emission trucks with an eye to moving their fleet toward being more sustainable. The FUSO eCanter is the world's first series-produced all-electric light-duty truck and will be delivered to customers starting this year in the US, Europe and Japan. The trucks join the more than 770 electric or hybrid electric vehicles operated by UPS in urban cities around the world. The event was the flawless backdrop for FUSO's vision of how using the zero-emission, zero-noise eCanter will help transform New York City, and other urban areas, into cleaner and quieter places for everyday deliveries.

Daimler AG DAIGn.DE on Thursday said United Parcel Service Inc UPS.N will be the first USA commercial customer for its new battery-powered eCanter truck, and the company will expand its electric truck production as lower cost, longer-range batteries become available within two to three years. Assuming there are 10,000 trucks driving around Manhattan a year, they would emit 160,000 tons of Carbon dioxide a year, plus NOx emissions, and noise, he added.

Large scale production is meant to start in 2019. "We expect to have 50 trucks that will be operating here in the the end of the year".

Under the body lies six lithium-ion battery packs, each with a capacity of 13.8 kWh.

“At UPS, we constantly evaluate and deploy advanced technologies that enable sustainable, innovative solutions for our fleet, ” said Carlton Rose, president, global fleet maintenance & engineering, UPS.

The eCanter is more expensive than a diesel truck and offers about 10 percent less maximum payload, Llistosella said. “Electric trucks make our fleet both cleaner and quieter. UPS said it will place in service trucks to build on UPS's Rolling Laboratory fleet of more than 8,500 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

NEW YORK-UPS is introducing all-electric delivery trucks to its USA fleet.

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