FL suspects caught with stolen power pole strapped on SUV

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Police pulled over two dim bulbs in a Kia Sorento - as they carried a stolen light pole on the roof, the Jacksonville Times-Union reported.

"Citizens watching out and officers cleaning up = partnership!" the tweet added.

Sheriff's officials in Florida say two men are accused of trying to steal a $2,500 utility pole days after Hurricane Irma caused severe flooding in Jacksonville.

The driver said he was moving the pole because it was lying on the ground near the road. A pawn shop database search revealed he had sold dozens of pieces of scrap metal since January, however.

Waller was also arrested and charged with grand theft.

Not surprisingly, the photo of the men handcuffed on the sidewalk went viral.

It's not clear why the men were allegedly stealing the pole. "A pole like that will draw questions when offered for recycling", one Twitter user noted.

The sheriff's office said deputies arrested the men after someone called 911 to report the freaky sighting. He stopped the vehicle and arrested the men.

So far, authorities arrested multitudes of people for looting in Florida after Hurricane Irma hit.

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