DPAA to host National POW/MIA remembrance

POW  MIA Remembrance Ceremony scheduled Thursday in Meridian

Members of a US military prisoner of war and missing in action advocacy organization dedicated a new memorial Friday at Simmons Field.

The "Battlefield Cross" is a way for those stuck in the heat of war to recognize a fellow service member's final stand for their country. He was captured and held prisoner for seven and a half years.

According to the Defense Department, more than 1,7000 American military service members remain missing in action.

Local veterans and elementary students gathered at the Cullman Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2214 on Friday morning for a ceremony in honor of POW/MIA Recognition Day. "I wound up on the ground in enemy territory and I spent nine days doing what we call "escaping and evading" before I was finally picked up", he said.

And Jackson served in the Korean War himself.

"So, our goal with this is to provide a constant reminder to people of those who've come before us who were [or still are] POW/MIA", said Sutton.

He said he is reminded by this day how lucky he was to have found his way home. He encourages people to learn more by checking out information on the POW/MIA Accounting Agency's website, which includes updates on the latest activity. "I will never forget our heroes held prisoner or who have gone missing in action while serving their country".

"I was just telling my daughter Christine, who's here with me, I never had a sick day". "It is always important for us to remember our past and remember our heritage". Each chair represents a seat left open for the service member that hasn't returned home.

Friday marked National POW and MIA Recognition Day. "For them, we will speak the names today and remember, so they will not be forgotten".

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