Did Spicer just admit that he was willing to lie for Trump?

Spicer Kimmel talk facts Trump inauguration crowd

Which makes him seem less like a former White House employee and more like a rescue puppy.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on September 13.

In his brief time as Trump's spokesperson, Spicer earned a reputation for being short with the media while presiding over press conferences-some might even say antagonistic.

Spicer said in order to understand Trump's crowd-size fixation, you have to understand that people in the Trump camp felt they were battling constant attempts, "in the media in particular", to "undermine the validity" of Trump's win.

The pair chatted about the true size of the president's inauguration, Trump's constant use of Twitter, Melissa McCarthy's SNL impersonation and The Mooch. "T$3 he press are very quick to criticize and dismiss colleagues who have committed journalistic wrongdoing as it's viewed as a stain on the entire profession".

Those briefings, carried live by the major cable news networks Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, at one point delivered an average of 4.3 million viewers just a few weeks after the administration took office, according to Nielsen data.

"I don't think it's right to relish in someone else's problems", Spicer said of Scaramucci's swift tenure. "Whether or not you agree isn't your job". That conversation didn't lead Kimmel too far either, as Spicer claimed to have never talked to him about it.

Spicer resigned from his position in July after Trump named former NY hedge fund executive Anthony Scaramucci as his communications director. If you want to see an uncomfortable Spicer be heckled by Jimmy Kimmel for 20 minutes, that's in there too. So, you might not always agree with his polices, but I know his heart's in the right place.

He told Spicer not to worry about Trump because "we can protect you here". "But ultimately, he's the president".

Spicer and Kimmel first announced the appearance in a series of posts on Twitter. I'm sure we'll get more clarification, though.

He said journalists are constantly painting Republicans and conservatives in a bad light. (He didn't.) After the fact, Spicer did say he regretted not wearing a different suit, although he didn't expect that he would have to go on TV that day.

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