Brazilian meatpacking CEO Batista arrested

Brazil's billionaire businessman Joesley Batista leaves the Federal Police headquarters after losing immunity from prosecution amid a corruption scandal in Sao Paulo Brazil

Janot accuses Temer of obstructing justice in part by instigating the paying of hush money to former Speaker Eduardo Cunha, who is serving a 15-year sentence for corruption and is believed to have much dirt on fellow politicians, and to another political operator.

The prosecutor's office has accused Temer of running a criminal scheme since his time as vice president to commit "illicit actions in exchange for bribes" that brought them at least 587 million Brazilian reals ($188.4 mln) in illegal proceeds.

Temer became Brazil's first sitting president to face criminal charges when the attorney general charged him with accepting a $152,000 bribe.

Janot also implies that Temer and other PMDB politicians engineered a plan to oust Dilma Rousseff from the Presidency previous year because of a perceived lack of effort from her government to stop investigations about corruption schemes.

But a majority of lawmakers in the lower house of Congress voted in August against a proposal to suspend him and allow him to be tried by the Supreme Court for corruption.

Several other charges are pending for Silva, who has denied any wrongdoing and says the accusations are politically motivated.

The company is at the centre of a massive corruption scandal.

Wesley Batista is accused of improperly profiting from trades in JBS shares and United States dollars between April 24 and May 17 ahead of the announcement of a plea bargain between both brothers and prosecutors in the Temer-related case.

But Prosecutor General Rodrigo Janot said the plea deal his office made with the Batistas could be partially revoked after a four-hour recording surfaced of Joesley Batista and another executive discussing crimes that were omitted from the plea agreement.

Temer is the latest and one of the most high-profile people in Brazil to be caught up in a mammoth probe into inflated public works contracts and millions of dollars in kickbacks to politicians.

Joesley Batista handed himself in to police on Sunday.

On Wednesday, police arrested Wesley Batista amid allegations that he and his brother used their own plea bargains to gain an advantage in financial markets.

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