Woman shoots homeless man who asked her to move Porsche SUV

Woman accused of shooting homeless man who asked her to move Porsche	 	 	 			Katie Quackenbush 26

Police say Melton asked Quackenbush to move the SUV because its exhaust fumes and loud music were impairing his ability to sleep.

Melton remains in the hospital in critical condition.

The shooter got back into the Porsche and fled the scene following the shooting, Melton told police. He claims Melton then walked up to the window of the Porsche and threatened the two women with "explicit and sexist" remarks. He is being treated at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center for abdominal wound. She then got back into her auto and fled the scene with the female passenger.

Katie Quackenbush still has a pending misdemeanor assault charge in Potter County, Texas, from a year ago, WSMV reported.

Katie Layne Quackenbush, 26, allegedly fired two warning shots when the man threatened her, according to her father.

"She didn't try to kill this guy", Jesse proclaimed Monday night, just after Katie was arrested. "She didn't realize that she hit him". He told The Tennessean his daughter was driving her friend back to the woman's auto when they pulled over and witnessed Melton harassing a group of young women nearby.

As the argument continued, she shot Melton twice. Quackenbush then told him she had a gun and fired two "warning shots" before leaving.

"She did say she closed her eyes when she shot both times, but they were warnings, and she thought she pointed away from him", Jesse recalled.

Quackenbush's father Jesse Quackenbush said in a statement that his daughter fired the gun in self-defense. The women left the scene for a while, and spent some time at a restaurant. With regards to Jesse Quackenbush's self-defense argument, police said that the incident was "thoroughly" investigated before the arrest warrant was issued.

Katie obtained an attorney prior to returning to the police to turn herself in.

Her LinkedIn profile says Quackenbush went to Amarillo College and worked for Sanford Rose Associates, a Texas-based recruiting firm as a recruiting artist.

"She's a victim in this more so than Mr. Melton", he said.

After the second shot, "he still kept coming forward, she jumped in the driver side and sped away because she was afraid for her life", Quackenbush told NewsChannel5. The police department didn't hear anything from Quackenbush until her attorney reached out to the prosecutor's office at the start of the following week. She is scheduled in court for on October 6.

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