WhatsApp could soon allow users to recall sent messages


After five minutes, if you are trying for to delete the unsent message but it does not work.

The latest WhatsApp beta has turned on the dedicated recall server on its end. It gives bad impact on sender, if he/she mistakenly sends messages to wrong receiver.

WABetaInfo claim that while the feature now exists and works, it is not currently enabled, although it is expected to be rolled out in the near future. Don't worry in future days Whatsapp app will have unsend message feature.

The feature is already available in several other messaging apps like Telegram, Viber among others. So, providing you erase them quickly enough, nobody will ever know what disturbing things you sent after an 8-hour drinking session.

According to screenshots, a deleted message will be replaced with the phrase: "This message was deleted".

One clever part of the feature is the way recalled messages appear in the Notification Center. This feature will enable users to delete messages even after they've been sent, but there's a caveat.

Earlier this year, some users reportedly noticing signs of this feature on WhatsApp's code.

At the moment, the app is free to use and download, without ads or time limits.

While that is something WhatsApp will have to explain, its 1 billion-plus users are just waiting to sample the new feature.

As of now, there is no information on when the new WhatsApp feature will roll out to all the users. The feature was again spotted in the August beta version of the app for the Windows Phone, notes TNW. For the Android and iOS device, this is a definite sign that the feature will have rolled out soon enough.

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