The Lawsuit Over the Monkey That Took a Selfie Is Finally Settled

The Lawsuit Over the Monkey That Took a Selfie Is Finally Settled

The human photographer claims the monkey selfies were taken as a result of his skills. PETA said they should also be able to benefit from their own creations.

A compromise has now been agreed with the owner of the camera, photographer David Slater, who has agreed to donate 25 percent of any future revenue from the images to charities dedicated to protecting crested macaques in Indonesia.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Slater said he supports expanding the fundamental rights of animals so they are guaranteed health, security, longevity and peace.

Evidently Slater gets to keep the remaining 75 percent of the money, which I assume is considerable, otherwise I don't think these people would be fighting over monkey selfies in the first place.

Slater said: "There's no consideration of the effort, the skill, the technological knowledge behind it, the vision.(Wikimedia) are ruining my income stream in doing this".

As Slater initially took ownership of the image and began raking in big bucks for it, PETA activists sued him on Naruto's behalf, maintaining that Slater had no right to profit from the monkey's own work.

Orrick ruled past year that, under Ninth Circuit case law, animals do not have legal standing to bring lawsuits unless expressly provided for by statute.

David Slater was left so broke he was considering becoming a dog walkerHow did the macaque take the photograph?

Jeff Kerr, the general counsel for PETA, told The New York Times that Naruto remains on the Tangkoko Reserve but crested macaques remain critically endangered as they're frequently targeted by poachers.

In July 2017, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard arguments from both parties in PETA's subsequent appeal.

PETA announced a settlement Monday with David Slater, the photographer who set up the camera equipment, and book publisher Blurb Inc.

His lawyer, Andrew Dhuey, was not immediately available for comment.

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