Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass available for free

Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass available for free

If you missed it earlier today, Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is now available for $4.50 for Xbox Live Gold suscribers, which is a really great price for an AAA game. Moreover, there will also be a fighter duel in Starfight Assault.

Other details from the Redditor also confirmed previous reports about the "Star Wars Battlefront 2" multiplayer beta. First, it was confirmed that the 40-player Galactic Assault map on Theed as well as the 24-player Starfighter Assault on Fondor will appear.

The Skirmish offline mode will be called Arcade "or something like that", per the leakster. It's surprising that EA hasn't yet promoted this big sale. The leakster said that "it will go round and round like the U-Wing from Scarif".

On the technical side of things, the graphics in the beta will come with "a little improvement" over the one featured at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which is saying something considering that already looked good. Despite PSN listing it as a temporary promotion, could this be a similar situation for Star Wars Battlefront?

Representing a saving of £20 (although it was £39.99 when it launched), the Star Wars Battlefront season pass can now be downloaded from the PlayStation and Xbox stores at no cost. Then all cards and credits earned during the beta will vanish when the game is over. The game will be out November 17.

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