Sergio Dipp Sideline Broadcast Was the Best Part of Monday Night Football

An ESPN Sideline Reporter Had A Rough 'Monday Night Football' Debut, But He Handled It Perfectly

I'm not sure if ESPN will throw Dipp out for another Monday Night Football game but I'm glad he was such a good sport about his debut.

And ESPN play-by-play announcer Beth Mowins became the first woman to call an NFL game in 30 yeas and the first to do so to a national audience.

Early in the broadcast, cameras cut to Dipp on the sidelines as he talked about Vance Joseph.

ESPN sideline reporter Sergio Dipp had quite a night on Monday Night Football.

Last night on the late edition of Monday Night Football, a couple broadcasters made their debuts in the booth.

It was a train wreck and bad decision by the network and it was amusing and uncomfortable to watch, just as it was when we didn't stop roasting poor Charles Clinton, GUYS! His diversity and his background is helping him a lot tonight.

An ESPN Sideline Reporter Had A Rough 'Monday Night Football' Debut, But He Handled It Perfectly

Dipp immediately went viral, which is pretty surprising as I did not expect anyone to be watching the Chargers Broncos game starting at 10:15.

A number of media personalities rushed to Dipp's defense, pointing out how nervous he must have been to appear live on television while speaking his second language.

Dipp posted his own video explaining his nerves and expressing how he wanted to show respect given that the game took place on September 11. He said that he knew it was 9/11 and was only trying to "show some love to these historical coaches" on "the most heartfelt day in this great country".

If you give us the choice between sterile, irrelevant sideline reports and a moment of real human excitement and emotion like Dipp's, we're going to take the latter every single time.

Here's some of Dipp's work on ESPN Deportes that proves he deserves a second shot.

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