PUBG's September update detailed with map tweaks and a new weapon

PUBG's September update detailed with map tweaks and a new weapon

Faraway objects like trees and buildings are nowhere near as clear as they would be in a normal match, and even through the screenshots don't include any players in them, it's easy to imagine how it'll change the one-for-all gameplay.

The new patch will also add a foggy weather mechanic to the game, which will make environmental awareness even more crucial for top tier play while also improving the game's overall aesthetic presentation.

The post then explains how vaulting actually works. The game recently sold its 10 millionth copy and that's lead it to have current player numbers as high as 600,000 at the time of writing, despite the early hour in USA territories. Previously, the fog was teased by developer Bluehole and creative director Brendan Greene, so this isn't anything unprecedented, but we'll finally get to see it in action with the next patch that finally dropped.

Details of the September update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have surfaced which means the test servers will be going live today.

Deadmau5 was forced to cut his PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds stream short last night due to a case of stream sniping.

In a more future-facing commitment, the developers and community team outlined why the much requested vaulting system is taking longer than expected.

We'll also see quite a few map changes in this patch.

I don't know if you like it or not, a foggy weather feature will be added to PUBG.

In other additions, the Thompson machine gun has been removed from care packages, and is now a spawn weapon. This new town isn't addressed by name in the patch notes, but players will be able to find it east of Stalber on the in-game map.

"Sometimes people might speculate that, oh, we were doing this because of PUBG, [and] we just chuckle because we were in the meetings in February where we chose to do it".

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