Poroshenko: Peacekeepers Must Not Preserve 'Russia's Occupation'

Putin urges UN to deploy peacemakers in Donbass

On a visit to Kiev last month, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he was actively reviewing sending lethal weapons to Ukraine to help it defend itself, an option that previous U.S. president Barack Obama vetoed.

The defense comes after President Vladimir Putin said Russia's Foreign Ministry would sue the USA over the move. Putin also stressed that the matter of United Nations peacekeeping troops could only be resolved with the agreement of all sides.

The U.S. and Ukraine are concerned that deploying peacekeepers only along the contact line would actually solidify the line's status as the new de facto border between Ukrainian-controlled territory and separatist-controlled territory in the country's east. German officials said they were surprised about Putin's call for peacekeepers but supportive of such a move.

"Of particular concern are the reports of the hostile attitude of pro-Russian militants to SMM observers, which were sometimes accompanied by violence", the ministry said.

Nebenzia said he hasn't seen the draft resolution and told reporters Haley's deadline is "a little premature" especially since the Security Council was on a visit to Ethiopia and isn't scheduled to meet again until September 11.

Now the United States has welcomed Russia's proposal but insists the force should be deployed throughout eastern Ukraine and not just on the line of conflict.

On Aug. 25, the conflicting sides declared a fresh cease-fire, which helped to ease hostilities.

The separatists have earlier opposed Ukraine's suggestion to deploy peacekeepers in the war zone.

Nebenzia also said the U.N. Security Council may need "a separate political resolution that stresses diplomacy rather than sanctions".

A peaceful solution is a priority for Kiev to resolve the conflict in Ukraine's eastern region of Donbas, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said here on Thursday.

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