Plane caught by tree captured on camera

A plane crashes in Carling Technologies parking lot in Plainville

A 79-year-old pilot is lucky to be alive after his airplane crashed in Plainville, Connecticut on Monday.

CBS Connecticut reports the aircraft landed in a nearby parking lot of a business.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson said the plane was a Beechcraft A24 Sierra and the pilot attempted an emergency landing about one mile southwest of the airport it had departed from. He was sent to a local hospital for treatment. The FAA is now investigating the cause off the crash. Thayer told the newspaper that the plane was low and approaching from the south, but suddenly turned west, away from the runway. It then gets caught in a tree and then falls into a parking lot.

"I saw that the nose wheel was knocked off and the right wing was broken off laying down on the side", Ernie Michaud said.

Roy police said the pilot was helped out of his plane after crashing, but walked away on his own power.

He said: 'I knew he had a problem. A total of six people have died as a result of those crashes. The second call was made by a man at Carling Switch who told the dispatcher he was speaking to the pilot.

An eyewitness said he watched the crash happen.

It's hard to tell from the camera angle, but it doesn't look like the plane or the falling branches damaged any cars in the parking lot.

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