Pippa Middleton Had A Haircut So Everyone Thinks She's Pregnant

Pippa Middleton Had A Haircut So Everyone Thinks She's Pregnant

Kate's illness meant she was unable to take George to his first day of school last week, leaving William to accompany the youngster solo.

Since she gave birth to Dexter Davis Charles Savory, on August 30, Alicia also said she is still feeling the effects of the severe morning sickness. An insider told the publication that she had to persuade Prince William for a third baby.

It has been claimed that the 35-year-old wanted to give birth to Princess Charlotte, her second born, at Kensington Palace, but, according to the Mirror, changed her mind and decided against it after speaking to royal advisors.

The Duchess of Cambridge had a good few inches off, which probably had something to do with the warmer weather, as her hair now sits way above her shoulders.

Pippa Middleton followed in Kate's footsteps and cut off the famous Middleton bouncy blow dry. Apparently, she was keen on having home births with both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but was denied because doctors suggested it would be too risky. Kate Middleton even left the hospital quickly, reports the MailOnline.

If that is true, then she may have a news to rival with her sister's. This time again, she has reportedly shown interest in adopting the age-old procedure.

Catherine remains unwell, as announced by a Kensington Palace spokesperson.

Prince William may have let slip an index of size on the date of birth of his wife, Kate Middleton, while many are those who wonder just how many months exactly the duchess is pregnant... She was the one who wanted to expand their family.

Is Kate having a boy or a girl based on her cravings? He was also concerned about the complications associated with Kate Middleton's previous two pregnancies. Kate didn't go quite as short as Pippa did, though, and still wears hers with a little bit of curl, compared to the straight lob Pippa is rocking in these photos. Her Majesty is just delighted that Kate has turned out to be such a star for the royal family. So, Kate Middleton won that argument and now a third one is on the way.

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