Petland urges safety when handling dogs amid outbreak of infections

Petland urges safety when handling dogs amid outbreak of infections

"According to the CDC, almost 1.3 million people in the United States are affected each year by Campylobacter", Petland said in a news release.

There have not been any reported deaths associated with the outbreaks; however, 9 infected individuals have required hospitalization so far.

Dozens of people in several states have gotten sick from a bacteria they got from puppies.

Out of the 39 confirmed cases, 12 were employees of Petland and 27 either visited Petland or living with a puppy purchased from the pet store chain.

The affected states are Wisconsin, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. All infected individuals were exposed to the puppies within Petland stores, according to a recent outbreak notice. The first case that started this outbreak appeared on September 15, 2016.

Symptoms, which typically begin within two to five days after contact with the bacteria, last around a week, though some people don't experience any signs of illness.

Though unpleasant, the infection usually runs its course without antibiotics, though they are used to treat some cases.

"Petland has requested but has not been given any information from the CDC or any other health department offices related to the dates, stores, or cities where the 39 infection cases allegedly originated", the pet store chain said.

The CDC said that its investigation into the outbreak's origin is ongoing, and that Petland is cooperating. "The health and wellbeing of our pets, staff and customers is Petland's utmost priority and concern". "Petland reinforces proper hand sanitization before and after playing with any of our puppies with the many sanitation stations in each store and has strict kennel sanitation procedures and protocols put in place by consulting veterinarians", Petland officials said in the statement.

The human Campylobacter infection can commonly be acquired through the consumption of raw or undercooked poultry. Most infections are singular and not part of an outbreak. However, the bacterial infection can also be acquired through contact with the stool of an ill dog and cat.

The CDC has advised pet owners to take particular care to clean up after their dogs and wash their hands thoroughly.

How does human Campylobacter infection spread?

Pick up and dispose dog poop carefully, especially in areas where children might play.

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