Pakistan, Iran stress political solution in Afghanistan

Durable peace in region not possible without resolution of Afghanistan & Kashmir issues Zakaria

The Pakistani foreign minister is on a four-nation tour of China, Russia, Iran and Turkey as tensions have been rising between Islamabad and Washington over the latter's new strategy in Afghanistan.

The meeting was also attended by their Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

He acknowledged that Pakistan made the highest number of sacrifices to fight terrorism in their region, requesting the global community to realise the sacrifices of over 60,000 thousand Pakistanis.

"Pakistan wants durable peace, security and stability in Afghanistan".

Nasser Janjua is accompanying the foreign minister on the visit. Asif wherein he had stated that first Pakistan needs to bring its own house in order.

While in Ankara, Asif met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Benali Yildirim and Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

In addition to the Afghanistan problem, the two sides will also discuss how to deal with the new USA policy for Afghanistan and South Asia and promote the bilateral ties. The US envoy claimed that Pakistan still had a central role to play in achieving peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Asif had emphasised that all regional countries will have to form consensus for joint efforts to settle the Afghan issue while talking to Iranian media after holding a meeting with the Iranian foreign minister.

He said a new paradigm, keeping in view our internal and external situation, will be formed.

PPP leader Sherry Rehman said that for the sovereignty of the country Pakistan must attain economic independence as the country could not hold its policies independent when it was still holding the begging bowl in its hands. U.S. -Pakistan relations have frayed since President Donald Trump last month set out a new Afghanistan policy and lashed out at nuclear-armed Pakistan as a fickle ally that gives safe haven to "agents of chaos" by harboring the Afghan Taliban and other militants. He has already traveled to China and plans to visit Turkey next before winding down his trip in Russian Federation.

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