Nintendo Direct Scheduled for This Wednesday at 6pm EST

Will Animal Crossing Or Zelda For Mobile Be Announced At Tonight’s Apple iPhone Event? Shannon Grixti

Even still, Super Mario 64 Online is a true accomplishment. And if you're cool with that, there are download links and tutorial videos here.

While many gamers will be eager to hear about these new Super Mario Odyssey "details", we're curious to know what else we be shown.

Something Nintendo has been quiet about so far is their Animal Crossing mobile game. Playable characters would, of course, including both Mario and Luigi, but there's also Waluigi and Princess Peach, among others. Previously, they poured in more than 4,000 hours of programming work to create another "Super Mario 64" modified version called "Last Impact", which included new levels and bosses. If you need people to play with, you can check out the SM64O forum or the game's Discord channel.

Nintendo Direct Scheduled for This Wednesday at 6pm EST

Super Mario 64 was originally released for the Nintendo 64 back in 1996 and stands as one of the Mario franchise's classic games. Sure, there's no invisible referee awarding you points and crowning winners, but is any of that really necessary? Certainly, it's a new opportunity fans can look up to. Mario 64 immediately feels like a natural fit for online play, and the unfocused nature of its assorted activities only adds to the appeal. Hey, that's what happens when you turn a single-player 3D platformer from the '90s into an online multiplayer experience.

Fans of Emanuar's work can now download Super Mario 64 Online at their own risk, but Nintendo may choose to take it down at any time.

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