New Amazon Fire TV devices leak in pictures and specs

Image Thomas Trutschel

Amazon's upcoming Fire TV and Fire TV Stick got a redesign according to a new report from AFTVnews showcasing what the two new devices will look like once Amazon launches them. The site even shared a photo of the two devices side-by-side. It is going to be a pretty straight-forward device with a HDMI plug for TV input and microUSB port for power. The range-topping model, however, is expected to be price well above the $100 price point. Amazon is about to release devices one of which resembles a set-top box and the other is a dongle which is similar to a Google Chromecast.

The second device is a set-top cube that will serve as the flagship model of the Fire TV series.

AFTVnews claims the dongle-style device will be powered by a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz alongside Mali-450 MP graphics, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

The larger, cube-shaped Amazon Fire TV is likely to be the new flagship model, and will heavily rely on Alexa, Amazon's smart assistant. The new Fire TV box will include the functionality of an Echo Dot into a black cube casing, with built-in far-field microphones so you can use voice commands without the remote or extra hardware, an integrated loudspeaker and an LED light bar, the Fire TV box will be able to listen and respond like any other Echo Dot would. One of the new Fire TV devices comes with a dongle-like design that's very reminiscent of the Chromecast Ultra, albeit having a square-shaped body. The gadget should have additional ports for Ethernet and more storage, but the information is scarce. And its IR emitter will allow the Fire TV to control TVs and A/V equipment near the box.

The previous Fire TV box is unavailable through Amazon, which could indicate that it has discontinued the device.

Word has it that Amazon is gearing up for a big refresh of its Fire TV lineup.

The new mid-tier model will be announced this month and released in October, while the new premium version will make its debut later this year or early next, according to AFTVnews.

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