Mobile announces an exclusive partnership with Netflix

Mobile announces an exclusive partnership with Netflix

When someone signs up for what T-Mobile is calling "Netflix on Us", they will be given a website to go to where they can link their Netflix account with their T-Mobile plan.

Netflix will come free to T-Mobile U.S. account holders with at least two phones, which would cost $120 per month. Simple Choice customers, or anyone paying for just one voice line - even if they've got a second data line for a tablet or wearable - aren't included. With this plan, you can stream on two screens at once in HD resolution.

The carrier announced this week that anyone with an unlimited data plan with the company will get a free Netflix account to boot. Adding another line makes it $140 a month, adding another line after that (4 total) costs $160 a month. Instead of forcing customers to pay for things they don't want to get what appears to be a better deal, T-Mobile says it will give customers something they do want-for free. To celebrate the new Un-carrier move, starting tomorrow at 9am PDT (Noon on the East Coast) T-Mobile is hosting what it calls the Netflix Meme-a-thon. Mobile viewing is expected to more than double by 2020. T-Mobile's Un-carrier movement has been rather popular and has introduced some out of the box services in the past.

The consumption of Netflix by its wireless users across the nation will assist T-Mobile to generate more data consumers on its nationwide LTE network.

The move comes amid heightened competition in the wireless space, as all of T-Mobile's competitors have recently adopted its relatively low-priced "unlimited everything" cellular plans.

T-Mobile explained the offer further in a FAQ statement.

T-Mobile is trying to rely on OpenSignal report that said T-Mobile's telecom network is No. 1 in every category - speed, latency and LTE availability. He lambasted AT&T's deal to buy DirecTV for $48.5 billion in 2015 and offer its own streaming service, DirectTV Now. Netflix subscriptions now cost $9.99 a month. Verizon recently reacted by capping all video speeds.

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