Larry King Reveals He Had Surgery For Lung Cancer


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Talking to US Weekly, the star explained that after a chest x-ray, his doctor said that something wasn't quite right: "They said the spot looked pretty small".

The veteran television broadcaster, 83, recently revealed to People magazine that he underwent a secret surgery after his physician discovered a trace of what appeared to be lung cancer during a routine appointment in July. "I then did a CAT scan then a PET scan and then he said to me, 'You have lung cancer, but it looks very small, in the beginning stages'". King said that he quit smoking almost 30 years ago, but the doctors said that the lung cancer likely stemmed from his previous years of smoking up to three packs a day. "I loved smoking but when I had the heart attack that February of 1987, I stopped that day and never reached for one again", he said.

King, who hosted CNN's pioneering "Larry King Live" from 1985 to 2010, praised his medical team for their delivery of the unnerving news.

King was lucky. It was early on, and after surgery to remove part of his lung, he's cancer free. "The doctor said to me, "It was malignant but you were in the first stage". It was malignant. They were going to take it out if it was malignant or benign.

"I never thought it would happen to me".

King said, "I had no clue at all".

In his interview with Us, he advised people to get chest X-rays even when they go on normal check ups. Doctors removed the malignancy through a surgical procedure that went in through his ribs, and after a week of recovery, King was back to work on the sixth season of "Larry King Now".

The 70-year-old smoked for roughly 50 years before quitting last year when his twin daughters, Gracie and Alice, were born.

"I'll die on the air probably", he told the outlet, smiling.

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