Knicks legend Oakley suing Dolan, MSG

Charles Oakley is reportedly preparing to file a civil suit in relation to his Madison Square Garden incident

Months after being publicly embarrassed by Knicks owner James Dolan by being manhandled out of Madison Square Garden, ex-Knicks enforcer Charles Oakley has chose to file a lawsuit against the embattled club owner/struggle blues bander.

The incident in question took place back this past February when Charles Oakley attended a Knicks game and sat a bit too close to James Dolan for his own comfort.

Oakley, who already had an acrimonious relationship with Dolan, was arrested on February 8 after being physically removed from his seat by arena security during a Knicks game against the Los Angeles Clippers. The former Knicks power forward is seeking damages for harm to his reputation, as well as emotional distress and mental anguish, among other punitive payout routes.

As for the incident itself, Oakley says he wasn't intoxicated at all, went to his seats without so much as looking at Dolan, and then was asked to leave by security for reasons unknown to him.

That same day, a Knicks public relations Twitter account posted a statement saying that Oakley "behaved in a highly inappropriate and completely abusive manner". "Instead, holding his head up high, Mr. Oakley files this complaint to set the record straight and to hold defendants responsible for their reprehensible conduct". He appeared in Manhattan criminal court last month and accepted a plea deal that allows for the charges to be dropped if he remains out of trouble for six months. "He was a great Knick and we hope he gets some help soon". The suit also suggests that Dolan is responsible for the Knicks becoming a "a laughingstock in the National Basketball Association, decried for their incompetence both on and off the court".

He says it later became apparent that the Knicks were engaging in a "coordinated media strategy" designed "to propagate the lie that he is an alcoholic". Oakley advised then-free agent LeBron James in 2010 to stay away from the Knicks and had rarely minced words when it came to describing the team's owner.

The Garden released witness statements from a dozen employees who encountered Oakley that night and alleged that he was physically and verbally abusive.

Dolan later told ESPN radio that Oakley "has a problem with anger" and "may have a problem with alcohol", according to the complaint.

Dolan and MSG Networks are accused of defamation, assault, battery, and violating the American Disabilities Act and several state tort laws.

The Knicks have yet to comment on the matter. "We will deal with this accordingly".

Oakley's attorney, Alex Spiro, said last month that Oakley would pursue "all civil remedies" based on the incident.

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