Josh Gad: Kristen Bell saved my parents from Irma

Josh Gad: Kristen Bell saved my parents from Irma

"Making the most of a insane situation", Bell, 37, told Jimmy Kimmel during Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The actress sang the praises of hotel staff, including an employee named Gary, who she dubbed "the main man" that's been taking care of everyone at the resort.

On Sunday, the star chatted with local California news station CBS Sacramento, where her father is a news director, and revealed that she and a film crew of about 86 people were holed up in the hotel.

And in the case of "The Good Place" and "Frozen" actress Kristen Bell, being trapped in Florida as Hurricane Irma raged has brought out her true inner cheerleader - and emcee!

Guess we can confirm that Kristen Bell really lives up to her Disney princess status.

Making the most of it. She's even dubbed it the #besthurricaneever in her Instagram posts (maybe a little insensitive, but we mostly get where she's coming from).

'He's been running toilet paper to people's rooms at two in the morning, ' she said.

She then introduced John, another new friend she had made while being trapped inside the hotel during the storm.

"This is my side piece here in Orlando, Jimmy", the actress joked.

'I'm swamped under, but with attractive women, ' replied the smooth-talking ladies man. That is unbelievable that you're doing all this stuff for everyone, ' Jimmy told her.

"I'll never be the same", John - who believed he was speaking to Johnny Carson thanks to Bell - told the host.

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