Jon Jones' B Sample Confirms Failed UFC 214 Drug Test

Jon Jones during his win over Daniel Cormier in July which has been changed to a no-contest

However, unless Jones and his representatives can prove any supplements he was taking in the lead-up to UFC 214 were tainted, Jones will be stripped of his title yet again, his latest win over Cormier will be changed to a no-contest, and he will be handed a lengthy suspension.

ESPN reported Tuesday night that the second tested sample also has Turinabol, a banned steroid.

Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, McGregor and Georges St. Pierre are all in various stages of retirement, comebacks or more lucrative side jobs, with only St. Pierre now scheduled for an MMA fight.

Jones faces up to a four-year suspension for the positive drug test as a repeat offender after he tested positive for two different banned substances - clomiphene and Letrozol - in 2016 ahead of his scheduled fight at UFC 200.

UFC has yet to announce its future intentions for the title belt and ruled it won't strip Jones until due process is completed.

The matchup was, of course, years in the making and following Jones' rather public troubles with both the law and USADA, Cormier's opportunity to avenge his original defeat to his great rival at UFC 182 was one that ended in a brutal defeat by way of third-round TKO.

It must be noted that "B" samples rarely ever return different results from the "A" sample. The "A" sample came back positive for the same substance. Jones then passed a blood test on July 29.

Given Jones' past inside and outside of the cage, that's not a ringing endorsement. More than likely, USADA and Jones will head to arbitration, make their respective cases, and a decision will be rendered. The arbitrator will take into consideration his history when deciding his punishment. That failed drug test, which Jones blamed on sexual performance pills, resulted in a year-long suspension by USADA.

It's hard to argue things look very bad.

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