Irma now a tropical storm, but still lashing Florida and Georgia

The Tampa skyline is seen in the background as a man looks out at Hillsborough Bay ahead of the arrival of Hurricane

Hurricane Irma officially made USA landfall at 9:10 Cudjoe Key.

The commander of the A-T-C says the uncertainty of Irma led them to make the call to have Governor Scott drive to Mobile and meet one of the Coast Guard's C-130's.

ABC News reports a Monroe County man was killed after losing control of a truck that carried a generator as winds whipped at tropical-storm strength.

It was the first time the eye of a Category 5 storm had made landfall in Cuba since 1932, state media said, and the island's Communist government ordered the evacuation of more than a million people from its path.

Storm surge flooding does not include floods caused by the heavy rain from the hurricane, such as what happened recently in Houston with Hurricane Harvey and in North Carolina past year during Hurricane Matthew. The storm made landfall in the continental United States on Sunday after ripping through the Caribbean as a Category 5 storm late last week.

Irma made landfall on the Keys early Sunday morning with triple-digit wind gusts and heavy rain that had already wrecked havoc in the Caribbean.

The Tampa skyline is seen in the background as local resident Tim Scheu uses sea shells to play with his dogs Stella and

Now the entire Georgia coast is under a storm surge warning as Irma continues its destructive march north.

If Irma hits Florida at high tide, water levels there are expected to rise to 10 to 15 feet above ground from Cape Sable to Captiva.

In addition, preparing for hurricane-force winds is different than for storm surge, he said.

Buckhorn said areas along the Tampa Bay shoreline could expect a risky storm surge anywhere from three to eight feet, adding that it would depend on where Irma went.

EIA's energy disruptions map displays key layers of energy infrastructure, including oil refineries, power plants, and major electric transmission lines, and real-time storm information from the National Weather Service. "I'm not really that freaked out, it's just the storm surge I'm anxious about", said Chris.

John Ward, the emergency operations manager of Clay County, said Monday morning that crews had saved 46 people, with an undetermined number still stranded, The Associated Press reported.

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