Hurricane Irma: Before and after satellite photos show devastated Caribbean islands

Hurricane Irma: Before and after satellite photos show devastated Caribbean islands

Nearly 500 British troops have been deployed to Caribbean islands ravaged by Hurricane Irma as Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon says the "relief operation is well under way".

The Royal Navy flagship HMS Ocean will arrive in Gibraltar on Monday to pick up stores before deploying to the Caribbean to provide assistance and aid to British Overseas Territories hit by Hurricane Irma.

Britain's rescue effort in the fallout from Hurricane Irma has been criticised as "absolutely pathetic", with claims that other countries acted much more quickly and effectively in bringing disaster relief to the region.

Two members of the United Kingdom police cadre, who offer support to the military in times of worldwide crisis, flew out on Friday and a further 53 British officers, from 14 police forces are due to fly out on Sunday. According to Duncan, 500,000 British nationals were in the hurricane's path. In comparison to the French president, who has set up an emergency fund, an emergency hotline and a reconstruction fund, her response after the storm has passed is absolutely pathetic'. Royal Marines were sent to "protect the Governor and everything else about law and order".

Antigua and Barbuda, St. Martin and the Virgins Islands took the brunt of Hurricane Irma's wrath as the storm cut power lines and communication to and from the isolated islands.

'Mounts Bay was not there by chance, ' he said. We have troops helping at the moment'.

In addition to the military personnel, 47 British police officers have also arrived in the British Virgin Islands to assist local officers.

Following a meeting of the Government's emergency Cobra committee on Saturday, Sir Michael said: "The relief operation is now well under way".

"People don't realise that these are British people, these are British islanders and we have a duty to them".

There were 420,000 British citizens in Florida either as residents or visitors, where Hurricane Irma also caused devastation. These are British people and we are here for the long term and we will come through with a recovery plan working with our partners in the region.

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