Honda Urban EV concept debuts at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda Urban EV concept debuts at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda Motor Co president and chief executive, Takahiro Hachigo, made the announcement during his conference speech at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Production cars rarely end up that close to the original concept, but then we will only have to wait for the Urban EV Concept to arrive in Europe in 2019 to see whether that will be the case.

Nearly every manufacturer is planning on launching an all-electric vehicle in the next few years, and this will be Honda's entry - the Urban EV.

While German automakers like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz are impressing the crowd at Frankfurt with futuristic concepts packed to the brim with technology, Honda is taking a different route. Alas, the big-inch wheels with low-profile tires probably won't find their way onto a production Honda EV, but the overall shape and size-100 mm shorter than the current Honda Fit-are dead-on. The concept's low and wide proportions give the auto a planted and surface-hugging stance.

Honda Urban EV concept debuts at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show

Between the front two circular headlights is a display projecting information such as greetings, advice for other road users or charging status updates.

The Honda emblem on the concept is backlit in blue, which previews a new styling feature for the company's future EVs. The front bench has grey fabric, squabs, and armrests with wood finish accents.

Inside there's bench style seating, a floating dashboard and a wraparound screen that extends into the doors. HANA acts as a personal concierge, which learns from the driver's decision to make new choices and recommendations. At the debut for both vehicles, Honda also confirmed plans to electrify its European lineup.

Interestingly, Honda says the new concept would work with Power Manager, a new system for transferring energy between your home, your EV and the grid. Technical figures are unknown except for the fact Honda will be developing a "high-density, lightweight battery pack", which will power at least one electric motor.

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