Gonna need a bigger pool: Stricken great white released into public pool

The shark is alive despite the ordeal

This great white shark didn't end up in a Sydney, Australia, public swimming pool by accident, it was put there on goal.

The poor little thing washed up mid-morning on Monday with apparent injuries to its lower mouth, prompting beachgoers to call in the team at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary after a number of unsuccessful attempts to help the shark back into the water.

They put it in an ocean pool until marine experts arrived to collect the animal.

Understandably, the pool has been closed to swimmers, but the new occupant has still attracted plenty of visitors.

The shark was eventually rescued by fearless workers from Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, who put the fish in a big and carried it to a boat before releasing it in the ocean.

Needless to say, the story captured global attention, in no small part because in the minds of most of the rest of the world, this sort of thing just confirms all their beliefs about Australia, where 1.8 metre sharks presumably turn up in ankle-deep water at urban beaches all the time.

Robbie McCracken, Manly Sea Life Sanctuary senior aquarist, told Nine's Today Show that subject to the approval of NSW Fisheries, Fluffy would be returned to the ocean later today.

Mr McCracken added it was "extremely rare" for a shark to beach itself.

"To limit the amount of time it took from being exposed in the water in our holding the water to being in the holding tank was pretty critical."

"Our group descended and got it", he said.

Ms Connell also questioned the effectiveness of shark nets. She washed up on Manly beach.

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