GoFundMe for hot dog vendor raises over $60k

GoFundMe for hot dog vendor raises over $60k

The officer removed cash from the man's wallet in Berkeley, California before writing him a ticket for selling hot dogs without a permit.

According to the LA Times, the video was taken by Martin Flores, a Berkeley alumnus, who had stopped by the vendor to buy some food for his kids after the Cal game against Weber State on Saturday. "What doesn't makes sense is this cop (Officer Sean Aranas) flipping through the man's wallet and taking every dollar he has on him", wrote the moderator.

The officer demanded to see Juan's ID and also snatched his wallet, which is when Flores suspected wrongdoing on part of the officer and started recording the incident with his phone. Flores can be heard in the background of the video saying "that's not right" to the officer.

The sadness to observe UC Berkeley Police give a hotdog vendor a ticket and his hard earned money taken away. Flores asks, still not releasing the issue.

Another witness, John Pavliga, said that the interaction between Juan and police started several minutes earlier than what was included in the video, reported Berkeleyside.

Police said the money had been retrieved from the officer and will be used as evidence. UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof told KTVU-TV that the officer in question had been given the task of enforcing vending violations on the campus by people without a permit and added that UCPD was investigating the situation. Flores continued, "I totally recognize that people have to have permits". But this wasn't about that.

One Mitú blog from 2015 highlights this issue, focusing on a crackdown in San Bernadino of fruteros (fruit sellers) and flower vendors. If you want law and order, be law and order across the board'. Martin launched a GoFundMe effort for the vendor, identified only as Juan, with a $10,000 goal.

As of this morning, it has raised $52,000.

"We are aware of the incident", UC Berkeley police Sgt. Nicole Sanchez told the East Bay Times on Sunday.

Aranas will continue to work for the department, while UCPD has opened up a complaint investigation to examine both procedural and management issue for the incident.

UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof told Berkeleyside on Sunday that they're now looking into the matter.

The GoFundMe page said the money collected will cover Matias' legal fees and losses from having his cart shut down.

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