Finding a city for Amazon's second HQ — Business Report

Finding a city for Amazon's second HQ — Business Report

He can also discuss what the effects might be on the city Amazon chooses as its second home. "Bloomberg is incorrect - there are no front-runners at this point".

Amazon, however, says this is not the case.

"Competition has intensified at all levels in Seattle - small business owners such as caterers, restaurants and contractors have new rivals competing to serve the interests of the new residents the Amazon headquarters brings".

New Orleans "needs the economic infusion and job creation perhaps more than any other potential city", the CityLab article reads.

Even though some Amazon executives favour Boston, the search means the company can consider other locations and tax deals if the MA city doesn't offer favourable conditions, the person said. But there has been a "real problem in finding adequate space". Currently, Amazon has a stated goal of adding 100,000 more employees between 2017-18.

Amazon released its RFP for the project last Thursday.

The company occupies 8.1 million square feet across 33 buildings.

Said Cotham, "I am an optimist but I think our airport is the key that is going to set us apart". "We are just getting started with the process". The company is looking for a location that has has a population over one million people where they can invest $5 billion, and create up to 50,000 jobs with an average wage exceeding $100,000.

A big draw for the company's e-commerce operations, according to Moody's, is New Jersey's transportation infrastructure, including the New Jersey Turnpike, as well as the Port of Newark-Elizabeth, the second-busiest seaport in North America.

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