EasyJet now connects Europe and U.S. with global flight service

Low-cost carrier easy Jet has struck deals with long-haul airlines to enable customers to book connecting flights on its website

The new partnership means that passengers who connect through to Norwegian, WestJet or another easyJet flight at Gatwick airport will have their luggage transferred by the airline.

Passengers taking connecting flights through London Gatwick, such as those travelling from Aberdeen to NY, will be able to book the entire trip on easyJet's website.

The concept called "Worldwide by easyJet', builds on the existing GatwickConnects service which allows passengers at the Sussex airport to connect more easily between airlines".

Should passengers miss their connecting flight, they will be placed on the first available plane free of charge.

The connectivity has been made possible by a partnership with comparison site Dohop, whose platform will enable Easyjet customers to book connections and forward flights.

EasyJet, which is planning to roll out its connections service to other hubs and destinations in the future, claimed to be the first low-priced carrier to offer a global connections service. Launched in 2015, GatwickConnects allows the airport's 1.7 million yearly self-connecting passengers to combine a range of non-interlined flights provided by 10 different airlines at Gatwick, while also insuring against any missed connections (replacement flights, hotels and meals).

Peter Duffy, Chief Commercial Office for easyJet, said: "We know there is a real customer demand for making flight connections on easyJet easier".

Since it launched in 1995, easyJet has been an avowedly "point-to-point" airline, avoiding the costs and complexity of a network carrier. Passengers must have a minimum two-and-a-half-hour connection time to use the service.

EasyJet said it is expecting to offer connections on more long-haul airlines soon and is already in discussions with those flying to Asia and the Middle East.

EasyJet says it is also starting to sell stand-alone tickets on behalf of partner airlines alongside the connectivity product on easyJet.com. "Whilst Worldwide by easyJet is launching with our largest base London Gatwick we will broaden our focus to include our other biggest airports - such as Milan Malpensa, Geneva, Amsterdam, Paris Charles De Gaulle and Barcelona".

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