DUSU election 2017: Setback to ABVP, NSUI makes comeback after 5 years

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Only students were allowed by the police to enter the campus to avoid violence in the camps. The DUSU Vote counting began at 8.30 am today. The percentage of voting in 32 institutions is recorded as 44 percent.

Buoyed by the resurgence of party's students wing, NSUI, in Delhi University elections, the Congress said on Wednesday that the result reflected rejection of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech on September 11. Well, the proper news of joint secretary post is yet to come but we are sure that till now the ABVP is winning the post.

He added that the results showed that the "attempts" by the BJP and the Central government to influence the election had failed. So, stay tune for all the latest updates.

"We'll definitely fight for transparency in DUSU results and not let RSS to take over the student's mandate", the student wing of the Congress said on Twitter.

In the past there has never been an incident where nominations have been cancelled in students' polls and one has to move the court to get them restored. The elections are for the academic year 2017-2018. In the recent JNU students' body polls too; the NSUI had faced a humiliating defeat with even votes polled under the None Of The Above (NOTA) being higher than its share. ABVP's Mahamedha became the Secretary while Uma Shankar was elected as Joint Secretary.

NSUI today won two of the top DUSU posts.

Already, the first round counting of the votes is started. However, the election dates were deliberately pushed to September 12 in order to influence the students with PM's speech.

The protests against the FYUP and the dwindling fortunes of its parent organization, the Congress, from which the NSUI can not delink itself, had caused its downfall in DU.

In the closely contested elections, DUSU which is considered to be the nursery of young leaders of major political parties deploy huge amount money and muscle power to attract the students in their support. Finally, Delhi University Student Union Election result will be out in the afternoon.

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