Apple Watch Series 3 gains LTE for $399

Apple Announces Watch Series 3 With LTE Connectivity

The new generation of Apple Watch will come with watchOS 4 announced at the WWDC earlier this year.

The Apple Watch 3 features heart rate sensor which let you know the heart rate on the watch itself. Although a recent study by the Health eHeart initiative, overseen by researchers at the University of California San Francisco, showed the heart rate monitoring app Cardiogram could detect irregularities with 97% accuracy, there has been little clinical evidence on the effectiveness of wearables.

WatchOS 4 will not only measure your current heart rate, it will also collect data on your resting heart rate and recovery heart rate, said Apple.

Cook said on Tuesday that the Apple Watch is now the largest watch brand by revenue, overtaking Rolex, and touted new health uses.

The new version of "the best-selling watch in the world" will contain cellular functions, meaning that you won't have to bring your iPhone along with you everywhere.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has a tiny electronic SIM which will enable the watch to be used even more independently from the iPhone.

The Apple Watch will feature new chips and new antenna.

It will cost between $329, without cellular, and $399, with cellular, in the US. He also talks about how Apple is trying to make it easy for people to donate through iTunes. It will be available as part of iOS 11, which is launching on September 19. Face ID will also allow you to create animated emojis ("animojis") which will probably sell a million phones alone. So a user's phone can be left behind if they go out, and they'll be able to receive an important call with just the watch.

Rather than travel with multiple cables, Apple is offering a wireless charging mat dubbed the AirPower.

Meanwhile, Apple is cutting the price of its Series 1 watch to be from $249. They've also added a W2 Barometric altimeter that will be useful for apps, such as snowboarding or skiing that track users during activity. A series of updates and launches were announced during the two-hour long annual iPhone event, the most notable of which was the much-anticipated iPhone X. Apple will start taking orders on the new Apple Watch this Friday the 15th of September and it will launch on the 22nd of September. Apple says third-party apps will work over cellular as well, and next month it will be possible to stream Apple Music content from the wrist.

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