Apple Event 2017 - thatgamecompany Reveals Airborne Adventure 'Sky'

Take to the skies

Like Journey, Sky will let players play with up to eight players online.

The friendly atmosphere of the showcased part of the game seems in harmony with the one from the last work of the company, Journey. Players fly across the world using earthly clouds and the wind to visit various floating islands.

Journey developer thatgamecompany has revealed their newest upcoming project: Sky, a mobile multiplayer "social adventure game". It sounds like Sky will be more open-ended than Journey, with an emphasis on exploring this world of mountaintops and interacting with the unusual creatures that dwell above the clouds - including riding the wake of giant flying ray-like creatures.

Thatgamecompany has compared Sky to "visiting a theme park where lasting memories are made", and noted the "romantic" experience emphasizes sharing with loved ones, tagging it as "a game about giving". Thatgamecompany president Jenova Chen revealed it during Apple's September 12 event. For now, the Sky is "coming soon" to iOS devices; future updates will be posted to Sky's web page.

The game is still one that's hard to look at and know what you'll be doing, but the same could've been said about literally all of thatgamecompany's previous PS4 exclusives.

Sky looks absolutely stunning in the reveal trailer shown during Apple's recent Keynote, showing that your character can be controlled with a single finger via touchscreen or the Apple TV controller.

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