Apple adds LTE, UMTS to Apple Watch for extra $70

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple's iPhone launch event is now in full swing and the U.S. technology giant has just revealed it's launching a brand new Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with watchOS 4, the next version of Apple's smartwatch operating system that the company first unveiled at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. That's how they positioned the manufacturer.

"This is a big moment for Apple Watch, and we think you're going to love it", said Cook. Fans can look forward to today as Apple may confirm their new Apple Watch 3, which is rumored to be able to make and take calls now.

The built-in cellular capabilities of the Watch Series 3 are delivered through a custom chip, the W2, and an embedded electronic SIM card - an eSIM. To date, Apple hasn't disclosed sales of the Watch, which was its first all-new product released under Chief Executive Tim Cook, and some detractors have said sales were stymied because the initial version lacked goal. Orders start September 15th, the watch wilkl be available September 22nd. The company plans on using heart rate data to better inform patients, doctors, and researchers of cases of heart irregularity, building on existing research done with the Apple Watch that proved the device is capable of detecting heart irregularity with up to 97 percent accuracy.

New Apple Watch will get advanced heart rate detection features.

The new watch face won't be any larger than the current Series 2, though the device will be a hair thicker, he said. Apple has managed to fit in all this hardware by increasing the thickness of the watch by just.2mm.

Apple Watch Series 3

This means the Apple Watch now beats the likes of Rolex and Fossil in the sales charts. Apple Watch is now the most used heartrate monitor in the world.

For example, watchOS 4 comes with an updated Heart Rate app that provides more insight to heart rate, including measurements during resting, working out, recovery, walking, and Breathe sessions. "It is a high-growth market that will double in size this year", the firm said.

You can not answer a FaceTime or FaceTime Audio call on the Apple Watch. Interestingly, the display itself acts as an antenna!

We'll keep you updated on the Apple Watch contract prices we find in the coming days. While that watch won't have LTE it will have almost a week of battery life.

Apple continues to push the bar with their Apple Watches.

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