A boy made Kylie want bigger lips

Kylie Jenner Has Revealed The Exact Moment She Decided To Get Cosmetic Surgery

Kylie Jenner revealed the reason she had cosmetic surgery to make her lips bigger, and that reason is equal parts sad and insane, which describes nearly everything about the Kardashians, if you think about it. As RadarOnline.com has learned, the star spoke out about her insecurities regarding her appearance on the latest Life Of Kylie episode. "I had really small lips". But if you decide to do it, just do it for you-not someone else.

The 20-year-old continued, "Just when a guy you like says that, I don't know, it just really affected me". I just didn't feel desirable or pretty. "I [had] really small lips".

"It sticks with you.it just got in there". "I was 15 and I was really insecure about my lips", she said.

In an interview with E! "I couldn't do [bleach] on my hair", she said.

'But they thought it was crazier that I was lying about it because it was so obvious. Obsessively picking out on that one feature we fervently dislike about ourselves and standing in front of the mirror, wishing and praying that somehow magically it would just be as flawless as we want it to be.

"Everyone always picks us apart". Yeah, that's definitely something someone with lip insecurities would NOT want to hear.

The Kylie Cosmetic owner went on to reveal that she took the critique too seriously.

"I am thinking, 'Why? Why?" (Um, excuse me?) On the show, she says, "I took that really hard". What are all those moms going to think about me?

'I wasn't even 17 yet, ' she told Complex. But, you know, once that was done, you know, she's my kid.

Here's what I mean: Being raised on television since the age of 9 in arguably the most famous family of all time has gotta mess with your mind and sense of reality.

Her mother Kris Jenner, on the other hand, appeared unhappy with her daughter's time management as she delayed their South America trip to five more hours.

After all, her suddenly much bigger lips also eventually led to her super popular lip kits - who's laughing now? It gets frustrating because she doesn't realize that I got it.

"I'd go back and be like, "They went down" and think they could be bigger".

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