UN says flights arrive with aid for Rohingyas

UN says flights arrive with aid for Rohingyas

She reiterated her called to the worldwide community to mount pressure on the Myanmar government so that its army stop the atrocity, they take the Rohingya back to their home and treat as Myanmar citizen with all the rights they are entitled. One mother was quoted as saying her children's injuries were so bad that "it's better that Allah takes them, they are suffering so much".

Nobel laureates Malala Yousafzai and Desmond Tutu also called upon the Myanmar administration to resolve the issue. "India has been the most humane nation.They [the Rohingyas] are still here".

Aside from Myanmar, Mr Zeid said the council should consider "the need to exclude from this body states involved in the most egregious violations of human rights", although he did not specify the countries by name.

Attacks by Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) militants on police posts and an army base in the northwestern state of Rakhine on August 25 provoked a military counter-offensive.

Meanwhile, a Rohingya villager in Myanmar said security forces had arrived in Pa Din village on Monday, firing guns, setting new fires to homes and driving hundreds of people to flee. They have lived in Myanmar's Rakhine State for centuries but have suffered and repressed under Burmese government.

Refugee camps and makeshift settlements near the border with Myanmar were already hosting hundreds of thousands of Rohingya before the latest influx, and are now completely overwhelmed, AFP said.

"The terms crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing carry very serious connotations".

The groups urged the worldwide body, as well as fellow Muslim governments and human rights activists, to take immediate steps to end the aggression carried out by Myanmar's security forces, according to the Tehran Times.

The participants at the briefing also discussed ways to help Bangladesh face the Rohingya crisis, the diplomats said. "I don't know where my father and mother are", said 10-year-old Abdus Shoban, in tears.

But the Rohingya are extremely unpopular inside Myanmar.

Authorities deny the accusations and say almost 30,000 Buddhist villagers have also been displaced, fleeing to towns to the south.

Earlier Monday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein urged the Myanmar government to end the "brutal security operation" in Muslim-populated areas.

Myanmar is facing mounting criticism over the Rohingya crisis and there have been protests in several Muslim-majority nations.

"We call on Burmese security authorities to respect the rule of law, stop the violence, and end the displacement of civilians from all communities", the White House said in a statement.

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