Tracking rounds of showers from Irma

How much rain will Hurricane Irma send our way?

Model guidance also shows a somewhat quiet period in the tropics for the next week or so. The morning isn't as chilly due to the abundance of cloud cover. There's could be a few hazy spots too.

While the chance for a few showers will be a fixture in the forecast for five straight days, we should be able to squeeze in some sunnier intervals from time to time. Readings are in the lower to middle 70s. The stuff then becomes more scattered this afternoon and evening.

Cloud coverage will continue to increase overnight and into Tuesday. As the day goes on, the temperatures will get to the upper 70s.

By Friday, we may be dealing with some remnant moisture from Irma.

WATCHING IRMA REMNANTS THROUGH MIDWEEK: A wave of showers likely pushes through for about the first half of Wednesday. The ridging pattern in the jet stream will start us on a warming streak tomorrow that lasts through the week.

Monday and Tuesday will have highs in the low 70s and will be sunny. Again, this depends on the ability for some sun to sneak out.

There's a slight chance of Irma-related rain on Wednesday and a better chance of rain on Thursday. Spotty showers throughout the day, even into early Thursday. Overall, we'll see more dry time than wet, and a few showers will be possible near Indy by 2 p.m., but if you live north of Indy, you will stay nearly completely dry today.

By Sunday a cold front comes through with some isolated storms possible in the afternoon. Scattered showers are possible, but our weather be dry most of the day.

Have a great Tuesday!

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