Tesla Adding Charging Stations in City Centers

Tesla Adding Charging Stations in City Centers

Tesla (TSLA) opened the first two station in city centers Monday as part of a larger push to expand the network, the company said in a blog post. The smaller size will make it easier to install in highly populated areas, such as Chicago and Boston.

Tesla has created a new architecture capable of delivering 72kW of power to each auto at a station which should help eliminate the issue of slower charging when all Superchargers are being used simultaneously and allow more owners to use the same station.

Pre-booking holders of the auto, which begins at $35,000, are anticipated to come from more urban and younger section of the society, Jon McNeill said a year ago. Tesla wants customers to be able to run some errands, go shopping, or have a bite to eat while they charge their vehicle without having to stop somewhere way outside of town or wait until they get home. These Superchargers will come with a new architecture to support a higher volume of cars and to provide higher efficiency in crowded areas. Aside from their sleeker size, the urban stations are also different from most of Tesla's already deployed Superchargers in that an equal amount of power will be delivered to each vehicle, rather than sharing power among whatever number of EVs are plugged in.

Tesla said earlier this year that it planned to double its Supercharger network to 10,000 by the end of this year. Even if you don't own a Tesla, what are your thoughts about more charging stations popping up?

The company began delivering the new Model 3 this summer, a compact vehicle that starts at $35,000, putting at Tesla in the financial range of many more people who want to get an electric auto.

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