Sheriff warns against people 'shooting' Hurricane Irma

Husky on facebook

A Florida man says that his Facebook event inviting people to shoot at Hurricane Irma was a joke that got out of hand and that he never expected anyone to take his suggestion seriously.

Amid the chaos for survival, a freakish event in Florida went viral online and quickly became a hot topic of discussion across the USA on Sunday evening.

They've vowed to tackle the 185mp/h (297km/h) hurricane by showing deadly Irma that "in Florida we shoot first", The Sun reports.

Mr Edwards said he was surprised by the massive reaction.

"A combination of stress and boredom made me start the event, ' he told the BBC".

"I never envisioned this event becoming some kind of insane idea larger than myself". It has become something a little out of my control'.

Meanwhile, another person responded, "Isn't this just going to make the weather madder?"

Graphics suggesting how to shoot at a hurricane have sprung up online, with the suggestion that if you fire correctly the bullet might not come back and kill you. "This our home nobody drives us out of our own territory", states the event description.

The popularity of the "Shoot at Hurricane Irma" phenomenon sparked a series of similar events, including "Flame Throwing Hurricane Irma" and "Sing "All Star" by Smashmouth So Loud the Soundwaves Turn Irma Away".

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office told residents that firing at the category 5 storm "won't turn it around" and would have "very unsafe side effects".

All this activity prompted the Pasco County Sheriff's office to issue a warning not to shoot at Irma. "Make sure to help each other out during and after the storm in whatever way you can", he wrote.

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