Sergio Dipp Wants 2nd Chance After Epic 'Monday Night Football' Disaster

Sergio Dipp Wants 2nd Chance After Epic 'Monday Night Football' Disaster

It's really not Sergio Dipp's fault. And now young Dipp is shaming the people who dare have a laugh at his expense.

Twitter lit up with Ryan digs, with many saying they were forced to switch to ESPN Deportes instead of listening to the Ryan discomfort. Wusses, right? Also, the Saints were bad last night and Bill Belichick didn't seem thrilled to be chatting with our friends on the afternoon show.

Sergio Dipp didn't have a great "Monday Night Football" debut - on 9/11, of all days - but the ESPN Deportes reporter has been pretty much flawless since that rough start from the sidelines.

In his debut as a sideline reporter on ESPN's "Monday Night Football" matchup between the Chargers and Broncos, Dipp struggled with his English, while delivering an interesting, if not exuberant take on new Broncos head coach Van Joseph. Two African American coaches were making their debuts on the same night, while the telecast featured Beth Mowins, the first woman to call a regular season National Football League game in 30 years, and infamous coach Rex Ryan in the booth.

Despite being a bit nervous during his debut, Dipp seems to be taking this all in stride and is enjoying his newfound internet fame.

"Hopefully I'll have another chance", Dipp said. Because all I wanted to do was to show some love to these two historical head coaches.

"In some people's perspective, it all went wrong".

Spanish speakers and other sports journalists on Twitter rallied around the Mexican-born reporter and offered their support for his potential return to the sidelines.

Dipp didn't reach for the world's smallest violin, but he did say that he wants another shot at "Monday Night Football". And who, you might ask even if you saw the game, is Sergio Dipp?

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