Secretary Kobach To Helm Second Meeting Of Election Panel

Secretary Kobach To Helm Second Meeting Of Election Panel

Instead, he found himself getting dunked on - by both the members of the voter fraud commission he's leading, and the witnesses who testified at its meeting - who bashed him for screwing up basic facts of New Hampshire's elections law and accused him of jumping to conclusions.

The controversy will kick off before the 10 a.m. ET meeting starts. In January, he said 3 to 5 million undocumented immigrants voted illegally - allowing Hillary Clinton to win the national popular vote.

Kobach pointed to New Hampshire's same-day registration law as a weakness in its election security because more than 6,000 same-day registrants used out-of-state driver's licenses to vote in New Hampshire.

Kobach, who is running for governor of Kansas, qualified that claim Tuesday at the second meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Here's NPR's Pam Fessler.

Kobach's claims are ridiculous to the point of farce, but there's nothing amusing about the idea of someone propagating this level of junk science running the Fraud Commission.

This theory passed muster with Vice President Pence, who chairs the commission and tweeted an article promoting this conclusion. This commission has no preconceived notions or preordained results.

The charge was leveled Thursday by Kris Kobach, the Republican secretary of state in Kansas, the commission's vice chairman and, most recently, columnist for the website Breitbart News. Critics say the commission is a pretext for Republican efforts to make it harder to register and to vote, and that it will reach a predetermined conclusion, that tough new rules are needed to prevent fraud. In February, he said thousands of people had been bused to New Hampshire from MA to vote illegally in the swing state. So it should be pretty easy to clear up.

Hillary Clinton campaigns in New Hampshire.

"So making this equation that somehow people not updating their driver's licenses is an indicator of voter fraud is nearly as absurd as saying that if you have cash in your wallet, that's proof that you robbed a bank", Dunlap said.

Democrats have long complained that Republican-backed state laws - including voter ID laws, limitations on early voting, objecting to same-day voter registration and more - have a disproportionate impact on poorer voters, city dwellers and older voters who have no need to drive and college students.

A Texas election judge said that when he asked one voter to show his ID, the man whipped out his green card, signaling he was a legal immigrant but not a citizen and shouldn't have been voting at all.

FESSLER: Still, the issue will likely take center stage tomorrow. Bill Gardner, also New Hampshire's secretary of state, refused to step down, saying he wanted to learn why Americans' trust in the electoral process is declining. "I'm still wondering if that was the right word", Kobach said.

"Why do so many people not want the commission asking questions?"

Smith said its common to hear complaints that out-of-state college students are voting in New Hampshire.

"If you're here today, you can vote and be gone", one poll official told Veritas.

The commission's stated mission is to find ways to boost public confidence in elections. Von Spakovsky dismisses those complaints.

"It might be a way that Democrats can use a system which they claims works very well to go and essentially prove to Republicans in a sense that there is not fraud", Lott said.

A half-dozen legal challenges have been filed against the commission, which already has had to apologize for not being more transparent in its obligations under open-records laws. Members of the public weren't allowed into the commission's first meeting at the White House, although it was streamed online. The president has, with no evidence, claimed his Democratic opponent Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonClinton "convinced' of collusion by Trump associates in election Five memorable moments from Hillary Clinton's newest book Trump lawyers wanted Kushner to step down over Russian Federation probe: report MORE would not have won the popular vote without voting irregularity".

FESSLER: So that's what the commission did. You know who mocked that claim at the time?

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