Queen of the Castle: Audi Previews Elaine

Audi вывела на завершающие тесты спортивный универсал RS4

What is it? Audi's Elaine Concept is an all-electric SUV coupe that previews the powertrain that will appear in a coming production model.

According to Audi, "with the four-door design vision Audi Aicon, the brand with the four rings is presenting a autonomous Audi of the future - with no steering wheel or pedals".

The problem isn't the details of this concept vehicle that'll likely never make it to production in its current form; it's the fact that it looks like so numerous other autonomous concepts out there. Once you're gone, the Audi can navigate through the multiple floor parking where it can go into auto wash, vehicle polish and tuning centers which will be built in the center.

The Aicon is actually one of two new autonomous future concept cars unveiled by Audi in Frankfurt. It uses a combination of three electric motors, with one mounted within the front axle and two at the rear.

Propulsion truly lives up the Quattro all-wheel-drive promise. The concept can sprint from 0-100km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

In contrast to a run-of-the-mill robot taxi, says Audi, the Aicon pulls out all the stops to lay on the luxurious ambiance of a first-class airline cabin; the space normally reserved for a steering wheel and pedals is used to ensure maximum passenger comfort while the self-driving vehicle whisks you to work or the golf course.

A low waistline and glass roof are included to maximise visibility out of the new concept. For comparison, the Tesla Model S is just under 5m in length, and your typical Ford Transit van clocks in at just over 5.5m - so this is pretty long. The Aicon is also theoretically prepared for wireless charging, too. Inside, passengers can enjoy movies or internet browsing courtesy of digital displays, and the seats can even be shifted (up to half a metre) around using a touch-sensitive control panel. There is no B-pillar. The rear is equipped with a bench-style seat shaped to accept two occupants. Watch the video below to learn more about the new Aicon. It acts as a so-called "light companion" when passenger's exit the interior in the dark by illuminating their path. Audi is all set to introduce the AI series of the future at the event. The brushless asynchronous units are mounted low down at each corner where they provide direct drive to each of the Aicon's 26in wheels and the basis for electronically controlled variable four-wheel drive. Like the E-Tron Sportback concept, the Aicon features an inverted hexagonal singleframe, which is a typical feature of upcoming electric features from Ingolstadt.

Better still, Audi reckons its Aicon concept will be able to charge to 80% battery capacity in under 30 minutes, which would go some way to resolving a key issue with existing electric cars: lengthy recharging times, often requiring overnight plug-ins. Given it has a smart AI brain at the core, the vehicle can drive to a charge station without any passengers on board, which means your self-driving chariot should never go flat with a full load of people on board. The Audi Aicon is thus no longer bound to a daytime running lights look, but rather can adapt to the driving situation and even its passengers.

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