Pizza Hut Manager Threatens Those Who Evacuated 'Too Early'

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has come under fire after a manager at one of its franchises in Florida threatened to punish employees who wanted to evacuate as Hurricane Irma approached.

For a Tuesday storm even one can not evacuate Friday - the paper statement read before iterating that after the grace period of 24 hours one must be back to work as per their scheduled shifts.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, that wreaked havoc in Florida, Pizza Hut is facing ire from Twitterati for some insensitive instructions, putting its minimum-wage workers at risk. Before the storm could touch the foot of Florida, about 5 million inhabitants, which one-third of Florida's population- were asked to evacuate from the state for their self-safety.

After the statement started to go viral, Pizza Hut issued a statement to media outlets, saying the manager's statement did not reflect the company's hurricane policy.

A Twitter user shared a memo from the fast food chain's manager that appears to threaten workers who evacuated for the storm outside of a designated time frame.

"To all Team members".

Attempts by this website to obtain further details from Pizza Hut communications team members have received no response as of this writing. The employees who hadn't applied for an off for evacuation that day were supposed to show up or else there would be a no call/no documentation would be issued against them.

Notably, most of the people interviewed for the article worked service-industry jobs: sources for the piece worked at Lowe's, Texas Roadhouse and Walmart, among others. According to CNN, Jacksonville began evacuating parts of the city on Friday. All employees were contacted after the franchise group in charge of the store was made aware of the notice and reassured that their health and safety was of the utmost importance, the spokesperson said.

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