People gather in downtown Portland for rallies

Antifa Attacks Portland Police With Smoke Bombs and Projectiles

While no one was injured, the incident comes several weeks after a suspect at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va. rammed his auto into counter-protesters, killing one and injuring numerous others.

Vancouver police officers present at the rally Sunday are forwarding their reports to prosecutors, Vancouver Police Lt. Kathy McNicholas said. The men in that vehicle were stopped by police, but were not detained.

The man told officers he was in fear of being harmed, according McNicholas.

Seven people were arrested, and two police officers were injured in the melee that occurred when the two opposing forces clashed, KATU reported.

Those incidents were the culmination of protests in Vancouver and just across the Columbia river in Portland, Oregon, which Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson had billed as "peaceful". However, Gibson announced on Facebook on Saturday that the rally would move to Vancouver.

"We will be there with flags", Gibson said of the smaller Portland appearance. Two officers sustained minor injuries.

"Portland Police will focus on ensuring that people's right for freedom of expression and speech is protected".

Police had to intervene to keep the counter-protesters separated from the Patriot Prayer members. They were outnumbered about 40 to one by antifascist counter-protesters, some wearing masks and black clothing, who ringed the park on its north and west sides.

The Vancouver police said officers are reviewing video and images from the day in an attempt to identify individuals who may have been involved in criminal activity, for possible criminal charges.

While he drove forward, protesters threw rocks and water bottles at the truck - prompting him to impulsively put his auto in reverse and accelerate towards the protesters.

The police asked tipsters to not share information through its social media accounts, and to instead call the department's tip line at 360-487-7399 so an officer can follow up to retrieve any videos or photos.

Gibson's rallies consistently draw people from the far right.

An anti-white nationalist rally and march set to begin at 12:30 p.m. Sunday is expected to bring both a large crowd and a large police presence in downtown Portland.

Portland Reporter Catherine Van posted this picture to Twitter on Sunday, showing a woman getting arrested at the rally.

Additional demonstrators gathered for protests at Waterfront Park and officers located and seized multiple weapons (See attachments).

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